Phinn Phang/The Scent of Sweetness

︱August 20 - September 3, 2016︱Duration: 2.5 hours

Room A14, Soulangh Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan

Taking place in the former warehouse at Soulangh Sugar Factory, Phinn Phang/The Scent of Sweetness is inspired by my father’s childhood memory where he biked past Soulangh Sugar Factory absorbing the sweet odor emitted from the processed sugar canes. Combining installation and actions, the piece extracts the impression of domestic routine and creates a space detached from daily scenes. The Artist boils sugar cane juice, 

Artist Statement

Material: Artist’s body and movement, sugarcane juice,
                induction cooker, stainless steel wok, spatula, 
                wood stage covered with stainless steel sheet,
                wood wall with blue paint
Size: 17.9m2 in the shape of trapezoid with the entrance around 0.45m in length

Photo Credit: (1-4, 8-10) Chang-Chih Huang

                        (5-7) Chien-Che Tang