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Born and lives in Taipei, Jia-Ling Hsu is an artist working with moving image and performance. In her work, Hsu explores the notion of “freedom” and “repression” within oneself that deals with the relationships regarding family, religious belief and romance. Embedded with memory and dream, Hsu’s work is an emotional response to her life circumstances. Her work is collage on the timeline that assembles multiple mediums such as action, object, written/spoken word and the site, with its narrative fragmented and open.

Hsu is the recipient of “Artist in Residence Grants” from Ministry of Culture of Taiwan in cultural exchange with, Barcelona. Recent grants for artist residencies include Can Serrat and Piramidón, Centre d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona.

Hsu is also an actor/performer who has participated in the projects exploring the boundary between the performer and the audience on site. Performing works include Riverbed Theatre’s “Just For You” productions for audience of one, and “Retrospective” by Xavier Le Roy in Taipei Biennial.



許家玲_個人照_名片_攝影蔡詩凡_2018_2637 copy.jpg

Photo credit: Chien-Che Tang

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