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The Beginning of A Story

︱September 24, 2018︱2:30PM︱Duration: 1 hour

Can Serrat, El Bruc, Barcelona

The Beginning of A Story is an essay in the form of performance. It is a retrospection of my experience of managing the healthcare affairs of my mother since she got a stroke in November, 2015. In the story, I recall my actions, feelings, thoughts, and my relationship with the surroundings, such as the people who had got involved and whom I had an encountered with. It is a personal declaration of my temporary departure from the “me” who had been deeply buried with the healthcare affairs above, and then to welcome another possibility regarding the relationship between the present “me” who recollect and the “me” in the past three years. It also marks the moment that I start to turn outward to the public and share those private matters.


The performance is a document produced during my residency in Can Serrat, Barcelona. Constructed in an organic way, it incorporates my ongoing presence into the narrative and presents a collection of dialogue between my memories and daily encounters on site, including its natural scenery, architectural space, and also fellow artists who had shared their time and feedback with their own personal stories as well. Those beautiful encounters on site not only become part of the narrative itself but also, through their presence, become part of this performance.

It is a prologue, leading to a bigger picture of the future story that keeps delivering the autobiographical materials concerning my experience during this period of time. By sharing the stories through art, through myself as a performer, and through the presence with the visitors together, I hope that my mother, who has always encouraged me to speak up, can keep her communication with people.

With the support of:

                       Photo Credit: (1,7) Jia-Ling Hsu  

                       (2,10-12,14,15) Teresa Romano

                       (3,8) Marin Nelson

                       (4,9,13) Pei-Wen Chen

                       (5,6) Chien-Min Wang

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