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︱October 26-27, 2023︱Homesession, Barcelona, Spain

Installation with a 16-minute looped video, photo, found object and the space on-site

In August 2018, I visited Sin-Huà in Tainan, my mother’s hometown, hoping that through the movement of my body, I could connect my mother with her parents’ home “sin-huá a-má tau” (Sin-Huà grandma’s home) that she has been missing.The land where Grandma’s house used to be was already infested with weeds taller than people. Step by step, I walked among the weeds with one hand holding a camera and the other parting the plants. Underneath the wilderness I discovered a scene full of life that had covered the remnants of Grandma’s house.

Photography: (1)(2)(3)(6)(7)(8)(10) Jia-ling Hsu

                         (4)(9) Júlia García Bofill

                         (5) Yuchi Hsiao


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