2017 Hypnosis The Just for You Project Riverbed Theatre

2016 Xavier Le Roy: Retrospective

2016 River Lin: Encounter Project : The Exhibition of Our Own. Guest artist

2015 天使祭

2014 A Monkey for All Radical Snail Office

2014 Literature Face & Book: Writing for Presence- Wang Cong-Wei Taiwan Public Television

2014 Literature Face & Book: Writing without Taboo- Li Ang Taiwan Public Television

2013 The Idea of North Fantasy Theatre

2013 Nobody Gets Hurt Just for You Festival Riverbed Theatre

2012 Entrance Just for You Theatre Festival Riverbed Theatre

2012 Beautiful Cruelty Riverbed Theatre

2012 Wu-Jie Wu-Fa-Biao-Da Dance Company

  Photo credit:

"Hypnosis" by Andrew Kaufman, in courtesy of Riverbed Theatre

"Xavier Le Roy: Retrospective" by Ogawa Lyu

"River Lin:Encounter Project: The Exhibition of Our Own." by Chien-Che Tang

"Nobody Gets Hurt" in courtesy of Riverbed Theatre

"Entrance" in courtesy of Riverbed Theatre

"Beautiful Cruelty" in courtesy of Riverbed Theatre

"The Idea of North" by Chang-chih Chen, in courtesy of Fantasy Theatre

"Wu-Jie" by Ethene Lin