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︱December 25, 2021︱Time: 19:30 - 21:00︱Venue:Seams, Taipei

Material: artist's body and act, masking film, homemade limoncello, glass bottle

Re: Merry Christmas-pop up performance, Hug is an invitation for the audience to experience the silent connection between giving, taking, and receiving. It responds to these times in which the pandemic has become a central daily concern, while raising questions and hopes about the possibilities of coexistence with the constraints.

Photography: (1,3,4,6-9,11-12)  Ming-Yen Lin

                        (5,10,13)  Wei-Hsuan Sung

                        (2) Yi-Hsiuan Chen

With the support of 小地方 Seams

Coordinated by Ching-Ling Han

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